WA Cleanskin Cellars - Doubleview Store
Let your
palate decide...

WA Cleanskin Cellars @ Doubleview

Franchisees, Mat Yan, Scott and Michelle Yelland are ecstatic with the store after a long and protracted liquor licence application. There is plenty of parking on Scarborough Beach Road or at the back of the centre so please pull in and sample some fantastic wines before you buy. This store has become an icon in the area and the residents of Doubleview have access to a unique range of quality cleanskin wines in one location.

Franchisees - Matthew Yan & Scott Yelland (Store Manager)
WA Cleanskin Cellars @ Doubleview
Hilltop Shopping Centre
257 Scarborough Beach Road Doubleview

T: 9204 5853
E: doubleview@wacleanskincellars.com.au

Trading Hours
Monday - Saturday: 10am - 7pm
Sunday: 11am - 6pm