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About Us


The WA Cleanskin Cellars Group originated with the approval of our first store WA Cleanskin Cellars @ Subi (formerly Subi Cleanskins) in November 2004. The Subi store was the FIRST DEDICATED CLEANSKIN WINE SPECIALIST STORE IN WESTERN AUSTRALIA.

We now operate a number of retail outlets and a wholesale warehouse division in Malaga WA. We have thousands of retail customers and also hundreds of wholesale customers and liquor retailers throughout Australia.

The approval of the Subi store by the Liquor Licencing Court in WA was a landmark decision and many others have tried to follow in our footsteps however our superior range and customer service is yet to be matched. BEWARE OF THE CHEAP IMITATIONS!!

We source only the best premium cleanskin wines from the premium wine regions of Australia. All of our wines are tasted by a panel of wine lovers before being selected for inclusion on our stock list and we now have exclusive wines that are made by wine makers throughout Australia, taking into consideration our customers tastes and preferences.

We also include on the label, the basic information about the region the wine is from and the blend, together with the standard requirements by law such as alcohol content and standard drinks. The wine is then sold below the regular retail price of a branded wine of similar quality, so effectively the customer is receiving value and quality for their money!!

Because we buy the wine from producers as a 'Cleanskin' without their associated costs associated with promoting a branded label we are able to pass on that saving direct to the customer. We also have wines specifically blended by wine makers taking into consideration our customers tastes and preferences for different varieties of wine. We are involved in the entire wine making process and our customers also taste samples and give their feed back, we then consult with the wine maker to make any adjustments needed to improve the final product. Our customers get the best possible value wine for their money without interference from distributors, middlemen and marketing companies.

We have effectively created an exclusive range of quality wines that offer the best value for money for our customers and because we buy the wines at the point of purchase as a 'cleanskin' from producers, without the associated marketing costs of promoting a winery 'label' , we can pass on the saving directly to you the customer. Please view our range of quality cleanskin wines.

We encourage our customers to taste the wines in-store and to forget about the marketing generated reputation of labelled bottles of wine and focus entirely on the taste of our cleanskin wines in relation to their own individual palates. We have created and exclusive range of over 90 quality cleanskin wines with an primary focus on Western Australian wines.

We have created a fun and exciting way of appreciating wines in Western Australia and we take the guess work out of selecting your wines. You can join us around the tasting barrel at our store and make your own mind up about our wines. We offer a total 100% Money Back Guarantee for all of our products. We are confident that we have selected the best possible value for money wines available for our customers. Our wines would fetch up to twice the price when compared to similar quality branded wines.

We have now opened a number of frachisee stores in stategic locations throughout WA please see the Our Stores page our stores for our store locations.

If you want to learn more about our products and services please read on and browse around our web site, give us a call or drop into our stores and taste some fantastic cleanskin wines at fantastic prices. 

'Let your palate decide'